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The American Funeral - Caring for the Dead, Serving the Living, Giving Dignity to Man
Step By Step - Aid Association for Lutherans Resource (Your Guide to Making Practical Decisions When a Loved One Dies)
Funerals of the Famous - American Funeral Director Magazine (Selected Celebrity Funerals… volumes one, two, three, and four)
Sids: Toward An Understanding - American Sids Institute (Booklet: What is Sids?)
The Grief Club - Melody Beattie (The Secret to Getting Through All Kinds of Change)
Spoken Through the Prophets - Father Don Braukman (Selected writings of a Catholic priest from the Crookston Diocese)
As it is in Heaven - Father Don Braukman (Selected writings of a Catholic priest from the Crookston Diocese)
A Guide for the Bereaved Survivor - Robert Baugher, Ph.D. and Marc Calija ( A List of Reactions, Suggestions, and steps for coping with grief)
My Son…My Son… - Iris Bolton with Curtis Mitchell (A guide to healing and loss after death, loss, or suicide)
Thin Ice - David Buthman (Death of Children)
Before I Wake - Paul R. Carlson (A pastor discusses practical needs surrounding death)
Dear Parents - Centering Corporation Resource (Letters to Bereaved Parents from pastors, doctors, authors, & caregivers)
Miscarriage - Centering Corporation Resource (A Book for Parents)
Death and Western Thought - Jacques Choron (The 1st comprehensive study ever on great philosophers thoughts on death)
Handling the Holidays - Bruce H. Conley (C.O.P.E. - Clear, Order, Plan, Execute)
How to Survive the Loss of a Love - Melba Colgrove, Ph.D.; Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.; Peter McWilliams (One of the 10 most recommended books by the National Psychological Association)
Living with Dying - Glen W. Davidson (To help when a friend is dying, understand your emotions, and respond to their needs)
A Song for Marty - Ray Davies (Chronological order of a fathers' thoughts on the death of their son)
Empty Cradle, Broken Heart - Deborah L. Davis, Ph.D. (Surviving the death of your baby)
Travel Guide to Heaven - Anthony Destefano An international best-seller about what heaven will be like)
For Better or Worse - Maribeth Wilder Doerr (For Couples Whose Child Has Died)
Recovering from the Loss of a Parent - Katherine Fair Donnelly (How ordinary people overcame their grief. A book for healing and understanding.)
Recovering from the loss of a Sibling - Katherine Fair Donnelly (For children and adults of all ages.)
Companion Through Darkness - Stephanie Ericsson (Inner Dialogues on Grief)
The Grieving Child - Helen Fitzgerald (A Parents Guide...a primer for parents helping their children through grief)
The Widow's Hand Book - Charlotte Foehner & Carol Cozart (A Guide for Living…dealing with the emotional and practical aspects of widowhood)
Death & Identity - Robert Fulton (Understanding grief and bereavement and attitudes toward death)
Death and the Self - Robert Fulton (Article from the Journal of Religion and Health)
Death and Dying - Robert Fulton, Eric Markusen, Greg Owen,& Jane Scheiber (Challenge and Change…articles, etc. by leaders in the field)
When Your Baby Dies through Miscarriage or Stillbirth - Louis A. Gamino & Ann Tayler Cooney (Death of baby or fetus)
For Bereaved Grandparents - Margaret H. Gerner (Death of a Grandchild)
Death and the Life After - Billy Graham (Addresses complex modern issues)
Good Mourning - Vivian Greene (What death teaches us about life)
Explaining Death to Children - Earl A. Grollman, D.D. (Articles by leaders in the field of psychology and religion)
Living When a Loved One Has Died - Earl A. Grollman, D.D. (Leading those who are grieving through emotional turmoil to a new hopeful life)
Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers - Earl A. Grollman, D.D. (How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love)
Talking About Death - Earl A. Grollman, D.D. (An Illustrated Dialogue Between a Parent and Child)
Comfort Us Lord, Our Baby Died - Norman Hagley, D. Min. (A book of prayers for miscarriage, stillborn or early infant death)
The History of American Funeral Directing - Habenstein and Lamers, Ph.D. (The first full-length portrait of the funeral directing profession)
Funeral Customs the World Over - Habensten and Lamers, Ph.D. (Funeral and burial customs of people from all over the world)
Just Us - Wanda Henry-Jenkins (Overcoming homicidal loss and grief. A Centering Corp. resource)
Empty Arms - Sherokee Ilse (Coping with miscarriage, stillborn and infant death)
Giving Care Taking Care - Sherokee Ilse (Support for the Helpers)
The Christian Funeral - Edgar. N. Jackson (Its Meaning, Its Purpose, and Its Modern Practice)
For the Living - Edgar. N. Jackson (A sound, helpful discussion of funeral practices by an authority on grief)
When Someone Dies - Edgar. N. Jackson (Skills and insights that help us work through the process of grief)
The Grief Recovery Handbook - John W. James (From the Grief Recovery Institute)
Healing Grief - Amy Hillyard Jensen (Booklet for the first few days of grief and following)
For Crying Out Loud - Jean Gannon Jones (How to Work Through Grief to Happiness)
When Death Takes a Father - Gladys Kooiman (Dealing with the loss of a husband and father)
Up From Grief…Patterns of Recovery - Bernadine Kreis & Alice Pattie (Realistic and workable ways of dealing with one's own grief or the grief of others)
On Death and Dying - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (What the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy and their own families)
On Children and Death - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (About how children and their parents can cope with death)
When Bad Things Happen to Good People - Harold S. Kushner (Where is God when you need him the most? By a clergyman who lost a son.)
Rest in Peace - Gary Laderman (A Cultural History of Death and the Funeral Home in Twentieth Century Life)
For Those Who Live - Kathy LaTour (Helping children cope with the death of a brother or sister)
Remembering With Love - Elizabeth Levang, Ph.D. (Messages of Hope for the First Year of Grieving and Beyond)
I know Just How You Feel - Erin Linn (Avoiding the clichés of grief)
No Time For Goodbyes - Janice Harris Lord (Coping with Sorrow, Anger, and Injustice After a Tragic Death)
Beyond Sympathy - Janice Harris Lord (What to say and do for someone suffering an injury, illness, or loss)
On Dying, Grief and the Funeral - Thomas P. Lynch (A five-day course for high school students by a funeral director)
The Undertaking, Life Studies from the Dismal Trade - Thomas P. Lynch (Writings on death and dying by a Michigan funeral director)
The Undertaking - A Study Guide - Thomas P. Lynch (Writings on death and dying by a funeral director)
When Love Gets Tough - Doug Manning (The Nursing Home Decision)
Dead is a Four Letter Word - Lynn L. Melby (Death and Funerals by Midwestern author)
A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance - Margaret Metzgar, MA,LMHC (Help for families for the Losses in Life)
A Time for Choices - Minnesota Department of Health, Mortuary Science Unit (Making decisions about death arrangements)
The Child's Attitude to Death - Majorie Eitha Mitchell (Dealing with a child's natural interest in death)
Life After Life - Raymond Moody, Jr., M.D. (True experiences of those declared clinically dead)
When Parents Die - Edward Myers (A Guide for Adults…full of hope)
An Escort for Death - Richard Myers (A funeral director/author weaves a story of insight)
The Funeral…Vestige or Value? - Paul E. Orion (The value of the contemporary funeral)
More Than Surviving - Kelly Osmont (Caring for Yourself While You Grieve)
Cowbells and Courage - Patrick W. Page (By an illustrator on the death of his wife)
Responding to Disaster - Vanderlyn R. Pine, Ph. D. (Funeral Director/Professor/Author/Lecturer on disaster plans)
Thank You for Coming to Say Goodbye - Janice L. Roberts and Joy Johnson (Teaching Children about Death and Funerals)
The Grieving Student in the Classroom - Bobbie Ragouseos (Guidelines and suggestions for school personnel and classroom teachers for grades K-12)
Grief, Dying, and Death - Dr. Therese A. Rando, Ph.D. (Clinical Interventions for Caregivers, Grief and Loss, The Dying Patient)
Treatment of Complicated Mourning - Dr. Therese A. Rando, Ph.D. (American Psychological Expert on Death, Dying, and Loss)
Angel Unaware - Dale Evans Rogers (Inspirational, world-famous best-seller about Roy Rogers/Dale Evans death of their daughter)
After Suicide, A Ray of Hope - Eleanora "Betsy" Ross (A guide for the bereaved, the care-giver, and anyone touched by suicide, loss, and grief)
How Do We Tell the Children? - Dan Schaefer & Christine Lyons (A Step-by Step Guide for Helping Two to Teen Cope When Someone Dies)
Healing a Father's Grief - William H. Schatz (Death of a child)
The Bereaved Parent - Harriet Sarnoff Schiff (A book of counsel for those who suffer this heartbreaking experience)
Strong and Tender - Pat Schwiebert, RN (A Guide for the Father Whose Baby has Died)
The Modern Vision of Death - Nathan A. Scott, Jr. (Five essays on life and death collected by a theological interpreter of modern literature)
Going On - Jane Woods Shoemaker (A Pathway to Sorrow -- Widowhood)
Widow's Walk - Jane Woods Shoemaker (To widow's guide written from a widow's point of view)
When Death Walks In - Mark Scrivani (For Teenagers)
Help For Bereaved Parents - Mildred Tengbom (Death of a Child)
The Grim Reader - Maura Spiegel and Richard Tristman (Writings on Death, Dying, and Living On)
Who Lives Happily Ever After - Sharon Turnbull (For Families Whose Child Has Died Violently)
Men and Grief - Carol Staudacher (A Guide for Men Surviving the Death of a Loved One…A Resource for Caregivers)
Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation - Ian Stevenson, M.D. (American Society for Psychical Research)
Passing On, The Social Organization of Dying - David Sudnow (A comparison of two hospitals and their handling and thoughts on death and dying)
Please Help Me, God…Someone I Love Died - Christine Harder Tangvald (An illustrated book to read to your child)
Grief for a Season - Mildred Tengbom (A personal manual that guides those grieving though shock, depression, doubt, and fears)
Man's Concern with Death - Arnold Toynbee & others (The relationship between life and death, living and dying)
I Remember… I Remember - Enid Samuel Traisman (A Keepsake Journal from the Centering Corporation
Helping a Child Understand Death - Linda Jane Vogel (A teach and mother gives honest forthright guidance for families)
Good Grief - Granger E. Westberg (For whenever we lose someone or something important)
Goodbye My Child - Sara Rich Wheeler, RN EdD. and Margaret M. Pike, RN MSN (Centering Corporation Resource)

Pamphlets to Borrow

A Friend is There - Suggestions for Friends of the Bereaved
About Dying
About Life - Contempory American Funeral Service
About Suicide - And how you can help prevent it
About Widowhood
Dealing with Grief
Coping with Loss - A Lifetime of Memories - A Legacy of Hope
Cremation Guidelines
Death of a Pet - Answers to questions for children and animal lovers of all ages
Facing Death
Grief - How to Bear it and Share it
How Would You Tell Your Son His Grandpa Died? - Some questions & answers about death
Letting Tears Bring Healing and Renewal - Strength and help for a friend
Services to Recognize That a Life Has Been Lived
Some Thoughts to Consider When Arranging a Funeral
The American Funeral - Caring for the Dead, Serving the Living, Giving Dignity to Man
When a Loved one Dies: The Next Steps (American Cancer Society)
Helping a Friend Cope with Infant Loss (American Sudden Infant Death)
Coping with Infant Loss (American Sudden Infant Death)
Values of the Funeral (Batesville)
Grief and the Holidays - Finding a light in the Darkness (Mark Beito)
He is Risen (Myra L. Boardman)
The Advantages of Dying at Home (Corbin Scott Carnell)
The Therapy of Grief (Rev. William Clyde Donald, H. D.D.)
Decisions to Make - A Handbook of Facts and Suggestions (Doric Vault Co.)
Christian Burial (R.S.M. Emrich)
For Bereaved Grandparents (Sherokee Ilse)
Sibling Grief - Sherokee Ilse, Linda Hammer Burns, and Susan Erling
Planning a Precious Goodbye (Sherokee Ilse and Susan Erling)
Grieving Grandparents (Sherokee Ilse and Lori Leininger)
Caring about Kids - Talking to children about death (Institute of Mental Health)
The Christian Funeral (Edgar N. Jackson)
Healing Grief (Amy Hillyard Jensen)
Children Die, Too - For the parents (Joy and Dr. S. M. Johnson)
Newborn Death - For the parents (Joy and Dr. S. M. Johnson)
This Will Be the Death of Us All (Dr. George E. LaMore, Jr.)
Death, Grief, Mourning, The Funeral and the Child (William M. Lamers, Jr. M.D.)
Just Another Day - Families, Grief, and Special Days (Missy Lowery)
Building Memories - Planning a Meaningful Funeral (Doug Manning)
Building Memories - Planning a Meaningful Cremation Funeral (Doug Manning)
Cremation - A Choice with Many Options (Minnesota Funeral Directors)
Why Pre-arrange (or Prefund) Funerals (Minnesota Funeral Directors)
How Can I Help When Someone Dies - What Do I Say After I'm Sorry (Dianne J. Moore)
Facts About Funeral Service Every Family Should Know (National Funeral Directors)
Death, Dying, Grief, and Funerals (Richard J. Obershaw, MSN,ACSW)
Catholic Burial - A Down-to-earth Guide (Fritzie Pantoga and Father William J. Bausch)
I'll See You in the Morning… (Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled - When Sorrow Comes (Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)
Life Forever New (Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)
The Greatest Event of All (Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)
Words of Comfort & Hope: Poems (Selections by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)
Always New Life (Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)
Making Loving Memories: A Gentle Guide for When Your Baby Dies (Mary Lou Eddy & Linda Raydo)
The Funeral an Experience of Value
After Suicide: A Unique Grief Process (E. Betsy Ross)
Grief: What it is and What we can do about it (E.P. Vining)
The Letter to Survivors (E. D. Vanderburgh)
Goodbye My Child (Sara Rich Wheeler and Margaret M. Pike)
Facts About Funerals Every Family Should Know (Wilbert)
Miscarriage: The Invisible Loss (Sarah Winslow)
Suicide of a Child: For Parents (Adina Wrobleski)

Videos, DVDs, and Cassettes to Borrow

Creating Memories - Monuments video - Elberton Granite
You're Not Alone - Inspirational video - Keith M. Merrick Co., Inc.
The Undertaking - DVD - Shown on TV on Frontline - Thomas P. Lynch
The Undertaking & Spotlight On CD - with both videos (for computer) Thomas P. Lynch & NFDA
Camp Amanda - Photo DVD - Camp for Minnesota's grieving children, MN Foundation for Children
After the Funeral (cassette) Wayne Marshall
Suicide's Bitter Legacy (cassette) Wayne Marshall

Children's Story Books to Borrow

What Happened When Grandpa Died (Peggy Barker)
Answers to a Child's Questions About Death (Guidelines Publications)
Death of a Pet - answers for children and animal lovers of all ages (Guidelines Publications)
The Class in Room 44 - When a Classmate Dies (Lynn Bennett Blackburn)
Timothy Duck - the Story of a Death of a friend (Lynn Bennett Blackburn)
My Letter From Grandma (Ruth V. Cullen)
A Bunch of Balloons - to help and celebrate when someone dies (Dorothy Ferguson)
Talk to God…I'll Get the Message - to help a young person understand (Norman Geller)
Helping Children Grieve - when someone they love dies (Theresa Huntley)
Tell Me, Papa (Joy and Marv Johnson)
Where's Jess? (Joy and Marv Johnson)
Losing Uncle Tim (MaryKate Jordan)
Kolie and the Funeral - A koala bear goes to a funeral (Ralph L. Klicker)
Goodbye Grandpa - Joey tries to run away from the death of grandpa (Rob Koch)
Lucy Lettuce: A new look at grief (Patrick Loring and Joy Johnson)
Star Lights for Starry I: A bedtime story book for children (Anne Mulcahy)
If I Should Die If I Should Live: A Christian Storybook (Joanne Marxhausen)
Grandfather's Shirt: Death of a Grandpa (Barbara Morning)
Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope: A read aloud story for people of all ages (Donna O'Toole)
So Much To Think About - When someone you care about has died (Fred Rogers)
When a Pet Dies: First Experiences (Fred Rogers)
I Heard Your Mommy Died (Mark Scrivani)
A Taste of Blackberries: Death of a child's friend (Doris Buchanan Smith)
The Empty Place - A child's guide through grief (Roberta Temes, Ph.D.)
Remember…A Child Remembers - Memory book for ages 8-12 (Enid Samuel Traisman, M.S.W)
The Funeral - from ancient Egypt to present day America: An illustrated historical documentary
My Favorite Book - Lessons to Grow on Living, learning, and growing up (Good Will Publications)
Fire Safety - Tips for Kids (Sponsored by the Greenbush Fire Dept and Friends)

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